Adjust how far to travel off the route for stops


What is it?

Alongways is an app that finds things in between places. Alongways takes a starting point, a destination, and whatever you want to find along the way, and shows you the route and all the places you can stop.

How much is it?

Hosting and license fees for Alongways are covered by donations and from our own pockets. There are no targeted ads, no data being collected, and no referral bounties. This project doesn't exist to generate income. To keep the lights on, you can contribute to this and other projects by following this link: Donate at Paypal

How does it work?

Alongways integrates with Google Maps and their vast Places Library to bring you the best, most up-to-date locations available. We deliver the top results along your route, along with detailed place information, like ratings, photos, and reviews. If you're interested in the details, get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.